You think you are pregnant and you don't want to keep the pregnancy ? Or you hesitate in this decision ?

The first thing to do is a pregnancy test (either at home or at the family planning). If the test is negative, you can make an appointment with a doctor to determine the cause of the delayed period or symptoms you have.

If the test is positive, you can make an appointment for an abortion. If you are unsure whether or not to continue the pregnancy, do not hesitate to make this appointment. Meeting us does not commit you to anything and you can always change your mind. We will never try to influence your decision.

In our planning center, we make abortion until 3 months.  (If you think you have exceeded this deadline, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you to find other solutions).

The day of your appointment, you will have a moment with a social worker. You will have the possibility to express yourself freely to a professional who will be able to give you all the necessary information. Then you will see the doctor for a gynaecological examination.

By respecting the "reflection period" condition provided by law, abortion may take place 6 days after the first appointment.

There are two methods of abortion: the pill method and the surgical method.

Depending on the method used, whether pill or surgical, the process will be different.

-->  If this is the medication method, you will need to take medication two days apart. During the second take, you will have to stay a few hours in the rest room in our center.

 -->   In the case of the surgical method, the doctor will do a local anaesthetic of the cervix and suction of the contents of the uterus. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes and you will have to stay at least one hour at rest in our center.

Regardless of the method used, you will receive a list of recommendations to follow for the next few days and effective contraception will be proposed.

Abortion Brussels Madou Saint Josse
How to proceed?
- Make an appointment:
For this appointment, you will need:
* An insurability document that you obtain from your mutual insurance company
* 6 mutual insurance stickers
* The blood group card if you have one. If you do not have one, we will take a blood test.
* The identity card
Price abortion Fami

Prices :
If you have a mutual insurance company: 1.85 € ( Bim/vipo : 0 € )
If you do not have a health insurance: 200 euros.

In some cases, it is possible to request financial support from the CPAS. Contact them for more information.

Do you think you are out of time for abortion in Belgium? (Abortion is allowed until 3 months of pregnancy)

It is possible to stop the pregnancy pregnancy in Holland, up to 22 weeks of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).

If you wish, you can always make an appointment with us to see a social worker and a doctor and be referred to Holland (to have an abortion there, you will need a letter from the doctor).

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