Psychological consultations

In our family planning centre, located between Madou and Botany, we provide psychological consultations.

Our psychologists are addressed to any individual person (adult or teenager), man or woman, of any age, orientation, origin or religion.

Our psychological consultations are related to the services that family planning can offer. For example, you can come to a psychologist for: separation, relationship difficulties (conjugal, family), harassment, domestic and/or family violence, sexual and emotional difficulties, sexual orientation, couple relationships, etc.


If you are hesitant to see a psychologist or not, you can always make an appointment just to clarify your thoughts.


How to proceed?


Contact us, by phone or by visiting us. We will take your request and contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment with one of our psychologists.



In addition, be aware that there are mental health services in each municipality, in which prices are quite affordable, in which you can consult a psychologist (and other professionals if necessary).

Follow this link for a list of mental health services:


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