Legal consultations

Any questions about your rights?

In our family planning in Saint Josse, near Madou and Botany, we offer you legal consultations, by appointment, on Thursdays between 12pm and 5pm.

The lawyer can provide you with legal advice, particularly in family law and foreigners' law, but also in any other area (youth rights, housing, social assistance, debt, etc.).

Here are some examples of situations that may arise during consultations:

- You want to know the differences between a marriage and a legal cohabitation,

- You are expecting a child and you have questions about its recognition,

- You wish to adopt a child and you want to be informed about the conditions and stages of the adoption procedure,

-  You are separating and you want to know your rights in the context of this separation,

-  Your daughter no longer lets you see your grandchildren and you want to know what your options are,

-  Your ex-partner no longer pays the food contribution to which he has been condemned and you want to know how to recover these amounts,

- Your ex-partner wants to change your children from school and you do not agree,

- Your ex-partner wants to accommodate your common children more often and you do not agree,

- You are still a minor and you want to live independently,

- You are illegally residing in Belgium and wish to know the possibilities to regularize your situation,

- You are planning to submit an asylum application in Belgium and you have questions about the procedure,

- You want your minor child, who has remained in your country of origin, to join you in Belgium,

- You want to move before the end of your lease.


- Etc....

During the consultation, the lawyer will be able to advise you, assist you or redirect you, if necessary, to competent services (lawyer, notary, debt mediator...).

The consultation is open to everyone, regardless of where they live, and is conducted in complete confidentiality.


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