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Welcome !

A family planning is a place where you can ask any questions regarding sexual, affective and relationnal life.

Our doors are open for everyone, whatever their origins, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age ...

You can either call us or come on site during our opening hours (see below). We are located between the metro station Botanique and Madou, nearby the Saint-Josse municipality.

If you want to see a doctor, a social worker, a jurist, a psychologist or a couple and family counselor, you can call us to take an appointment. All consultations need to be scheduled with an appointment.

If you don't speak French, we offer consultations in English. We can also schedule an interpret in the language you are confortable with.

Tél: 02/217 44 50




Lundi de 9h à 12h30
& de 13h à 18h

Mardi de 9h à 12h
& de 14h à 18h

Mercredi de 9h à 13h
& de 13h30 à 17h

Jeudi de 9h30 à 19h

Vendredi de 9h à 12h30
& de 13h à 17h


Our multidisciplinary team is made of social workers, psychologists,couple and family counselors, jurists, doctors and gynecologists. We welcome you in a safe and confidential space.



Apart from our different types of consultations, our reception desk welcomes you to give you information about : abortion , contraception, S.T.D. (screening, TROD, PREP), and many other topics. We can support you and do a urinary pregnancy test with you (5 euros), offer you the best emergency contraception (morning afterpills are available for free at our center), give you condoms for free as well We answer all your questions about relational, emotional and sexual life and we guide you to the professionals most suited to your needs.

There are many planned parenthood centers throughout Belgium. You can find the list of all the centers on

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